Bauer Supreme Shadow Goal Pad Senior

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The most advanced goalie pads we’ve ever designed – no matter how you stack them. Designed for the best of the best, the SUPREME SHADOW Goal Pads deliver unrivaled stability, coverage, and balance to optimize your on-ice performance so you can play lights-out every game.

Key Features:

  •  Ergo Calf Plate and Pillow – An entirely new calf plate and pillow design features a curved, ergonomic shape to promote ice seal, and our highest level of forward pitch and calf support to keep you stable in the butterfly.
  •  CURV® Composite Thigh Rise – Stiffer SUPREME thigh rise helps prevent pucks from slipping through the five-hole
  •  120-Degree Boot – Angle pucks away from the net and out of the danger zone with every kick save.
  •  Flex 3 Profile – Experience a softer overall flex compared to the SUPREME MACH with a single below-knee break construction.
  •  Pro Elastic Toe System – Introducing BAUER’s most customizable toe system with an upgraded elastic and adjustable grommet to help you get the lead you need from your toe ties.
  •  Tune Fit+ Strap System – Easily customize the fit and support of your leg strapping to match your play style.

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