Bauer Supreme M40 Skate Junior

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Top-tier performance at a top-tier value. The SUPREME M40 Junior Skate was engineered specifically for younger players focused on improving their skating. Packed with junior-specific tech, lightweight materials, and all-around comfort they’ll love, the SUPREME M40 Junior Skate is the ideal companion in their journey to become a better hockey player. 

Key Features:

  •  DIGI COMP Boot Construction – A softer construction and MOTIONFLEX MAX technology increases the forward flex of the boot for more comfort. The ease of flex helps promote good skating technique for those younger players still developing their stride.
  •  Pro Stock Junior Felt Tongue – Designed to give you pro-level feel and comfort at a value you will love.
  •  LS EDGE Holder – The preferred holder for nearly a decade featuring a trigger for quick steel servicing or swapping.
  •  – A combination of increased steel height and more blade-to-ice contact assists developing players with balance in all skating motions.
  • Sublimated Liner – An updated liner helps wick away moisture and dry quickly to ensure their skate stays comfortable for all three periods

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